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Is geogems installed?

!pip search geogems
geogems (0.1.2)  - GEMS friction surface helper functions
  INSTALLED: 0.1.2 (latest)

Show Wet and Dry season sentinel images for Malawi

import ee
import geogems  
# ee.Authenticate() #uncomment for first run to authorise with google 

area= 'Malawi'
lat = -12.8018637
lon = 33.4752805

#time series 
dry_season = ('2019-05-01' , '2019-10-30') 
wet_season = ('2019-11-01', '2020-04-30')

#load the earth engine helper functions
geography_object =
#load the map, lon, 6.5)

Latitude -12.8018637, longtitude 33.4752805, zoom 6.5

#get earth engines objects (bounds and sentinet images)
bounds=geography_object.get_country_polygon_by_name(ee, area) #pass in country name
image_dry,image_wet,trueColor_palette= geography_object.\
                                        get_sentinel_dry_wet_season(dry_season,wet_season ,ee,bounds)

# show map 

Malawi  polygon returned as FeatureCollection
 Sentinuel images returned

Map(bottom=17834.0, center=[-12.8018637, 33.4752805], controls=(WidgetControl(options=['position'], widget=HBo…

wet season

#Add image
map_malawai.addLayer(image_wet, trueColor_palette, '2019 Dry season true color');

#load modis landcover, lon, 6.5)

image_lc,legend= geography_object.get_Modis_MCD12Q1_landcover_2013_01_01(ee,bounds)

Map(center=[-12.8018637, 33.4752805], controls=(WidgetControl(options=['position'], widget=HBox(children=(Togg…


maplc_malawai.addLayer(image_lc, {}, 'MODIS Land Cover')
maplc_malawai.add_legend(legend_title="MODIS Global Land Cover", legend_dict=legend)